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was born in Oakland, Lillard Dame through their first signature shoe to hometown tribute, brand teamed up with soil brand Oaklandish for its launch of a new color Lillard D 1. Shoes as a whole is mainly black color, yellow decorative details, white bottom attached to black ink decoration, tongue, heel provided ring and bottom were Oaklandish tree logo, the tongue tip attached to the words OAKLANDISH and big bottom is the city known as the famous "all gas. No BRAKES". This section will be officially on sale in September 10th, interested friends do not miss. source: adidas?? with the experimental nature of the Jordan Brand Lab series of days ago ushered in a new Air Jordan 4Lab1 shoes, and with an eye-catching "Tropical Teal" color design debut. As the name suggests, the biggest highlight of the improved design of shoes a blend of Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4 is the shoe body using grid design amplification throughout, as for blue color more extended to the whole bottom, make the shoes of the overall increase of more than, with a strong sense of modern fashion. ?? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- 14 kind, only glasses party just sad! after watching the 5 evil principles horror movies, I silently bought gifts to send my girlfriend never learn! The five methods can get off the trends, 10 years / trends, ten years together to witness the young force # Oh, I laughed # count "American horror story:" the archetypal freak show jordans on sale mens - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Alexander, Wang, x, H& M Leggings Undefeated x Nike lunar Force 1 Limited ride! Nike Air Huarache Light 2015 new trailer! NIKE AIR MAX 1 DELUXE SAFARI color design comments on : Nike Air Huarache Light 2015 new trailer! Next: NIKE, AIR, MAX, 1, DELUXE, SAFARI color design father loves a mountain shoe Jordan Brand next week for the sale of footwear is undoubtedly the most exciting weekend this month to focus, in addition to the Air Jordan 6 Retro " Championship; Cigar / Champagne" Pack, the other two focus is Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG " Family Forever" Mo belongs. This double Air Retro High OG Jordan 1 " Family Forever" Jordan Brand is to create special American father's day once a year, so overall to calm blue hue as the main color, denim uppers and full grain leather by fusion with holes and three colored lace with representing three family members that in the margin of three gold colored shoes, shoes have a head on behalf of his father POPS words, is absolutely the double father generation fans to first week shoes. second, double 7, Air Jordan 7 Retro, French Blue", Nike, Lunar, Force, 1, Ice" comments on last article: second pairs of 7 to be engraved Air Jordan 7 Retro, French Blue" re engraved plan message next article: breaking ice Nike Lunar Force 1, Ice"Saucony Originals recently released a new series of Bermuda shoes". Including the Shadow 6000 and DXN Trainer two Cheap air jordans for sale shoes, rich color inspiration from tropical island, beautiful beach. As a new series of tone color blue and green lines, this time to bring more beautiful pictures for appreciation. At present, these two shoes can be purchased by Sneaker Politics. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when clients", let more people to get your life! source: PoliticsSneakerAfter days before the launch of the air jordan 11 Retro "Gamma Blue" and Air "Taxi" Jordan 12 Retro Jordan Brand caused a great echo, this will create a new 3Lab5 Air Jordan 5 "Black Infrared" color design. With the earlier exposure of Air Jordan 5 "3Lab5" design is the same, the designer will again burst into the classic lines of shoes, and through the full of mysterious black, as on the outer end of the flame with bright orange to highlight the drive. Shoes are on sale at Wish. comes from Vancouver, Canada, and the high quality fashion brand wings + horns is the tenth year of its founding this year, in honor of this wonderful occasion. Specially invited to the classic sports brand NEW BALANCE joint planning, launched the following wings+horns x New Balance 2014 joint joint MT580 shoes. The overall black show, respectively, using leather mixed wool, 3M reflective, overall foamposites for cheap low-key, but not luxurious fashion. This MT580 will be launched on the 20 th of this month, so please don't miss friends who are interested in it.Nike 2015 "play tricks" from May 21st to June 18th to sign up, basketball enthusiasts can be designated by WeChat or greater China designated Nike retail stores and the stadium video sites to participate in the election. Activities will be from June 20th to June 28th in the Greater China area 11 cities "trick" tour selection, training and selection of 30 final promotion players. This summer, Anthony Davies, Erwin, Kobe and James will be in Hongkong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, "playing the theme of the stadium" for the promotion of special training players, and experience with them unique basketball experience. The first episode of "2015 hits" will be broadcasted in the Greater China area through the network platform in early July.As we reported previously has been sustained this pair of Air Jordan 13 "black", already in some areas in the sale of foreign. The shoes the overall use of the extremely popular "black" as the main colors, black leather shoes to create high-quality, red as decorative details and render the outsole shoes very overall texture. In the recent NBA arena, Aldridge has been wearing the shoes for several times to enter the battle, shoes overall and pioneer team tone is also extremely tune. The official sale date of shoes is December 13th, and the price is 185 dollars. 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Among them, the purchase of real e jordan shoes online sale state mortgage bonds and institutional bonds totaling $850 billion, the next 6 months to buy long-term bonds $300 billion, in order to thaw the credit market, inject liquidity, stimulate economic recovery. according to the Federal Reserve Act, during the economic crisis, the Federal Reserve has unlimited currency issues and the right to lend money to anyone without congressional approval. Earlier, the Fed's lending program has increased its asset size from $900 billion to $1 trillion and 800 billion. The stimulus "big" is widely used There was no parallel in history. "bold", "dispute" and other words to describe the Fed's "major decision", "zero interest rate" in that period, the Fed is essentially in the "printing money" to increase the supply of credit. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke also bluntly, saying that when the interest rate space is about to lose, we can only give full play to the "money printing machine" function, injecting liquidity into the market to stimulate economic recovery. Analysts believe that in the current "zero interest rate" period, the Fed has officially taken by buying bonds to inject liquidity into the market of "non traditional intervention", it also reflects the severity of the depth of the recession. in the past few weeks, although the U.S. economy appeared some good news, such as the commercial paper market demand, consumer spending tends to be stable, but the Fed's predictions for economic recovery is still very cautious, said the economic outlook remains bleak, the unemployment rate will continue to rise and will continue until 2010. The Fed is also concerned that the US may face deflation. In 18 statement, the Fed said "job loss, and stock prices shrink, the credit crunch is affecting consumer sentiment and spending"; "weak sales prospects and difficulties in obtaining credit funds, leading companies have cut inventories and fixed investment"; "trading partners, the U. S. economy into recession the slump in exports". These factors have forced the fed to use every means to boost economic growth". 's massive stimulus measures were called "floodgates" by some optimistic economists, who were poor and pulled the economy out of the downward spiral. The decision has prompted signs of a turnaround in the financial markets: investor enthusiasm and New York's three biggest indexes are rising rapidly. Some experts believe that if the measures can achieve the desired goal, coupled with the upcoming stimulus spending and corporate spending on the project is progressing well, the U.S. economy will be greatly improved next year. other economists worry about the risks involved. With the Fed's balance sheet expanding to about $two trillion, continued lending will undoubtedly lead to a devaluation of the dollar. The dilution of the dollar's value would be the bane of future inflation. In recent weeks, the dollar has fallen against the euro and the yen, and the price of gold has risen by 26. an ounce since the Fed's decision was announced the latest financial report shows that Adidas in the two quarter of this year net profit attributable to shareholders only 9 million euros, an Pujiang 93%, the industry believes that with Adidas in the domestic market continued weakness in the domestic sales of local brands, Lining sales likely this year than Adidas. Adidas 5 released earnings, due to worldwide demand decline, resulting in sharp decline in corporate profits year-on-year. In addition, Adidas's second quarter revenue fell 3% to 2 billion 460 million euros, while operating profit declined by 66%, to 72 million euros. In the first half of this year, Adidas group's net profit fell 95% to 13 million euros, while sales revenue dropped by 2% to 5 billion 30 million euros. sports observers Guan Shengkun told reporters: "CBN in the Nanjing market, the new Adidas on call 30 percent off, and dealers to 5.1~5.2% of the price of the purchase, plus dealers operating costs, products sold to 30 percent off dealers to mean loss." in the past six months, Adidas in the world's regional markets are almost bogged down in the mire. Net of exchange rates, Adidas European market sales fell 8%, the North American market sales fell 10%, to China and Japan in the Asian market sales fell 9%, only the Latin American market sales increased by 24%, but only 443 million euros, unable to reverse the overall situation. in fact, affected by the financial crisis is not only Adidas, the domestic sports brand also suffered shock, but the impact of Adidas is much smaller than. Guan Shengkun said: "Adidas's previous sales discount rate of 10 percent off on average, and now into the 8.2~8.3 fold; domestic sports brand sales discount rate is generally 8.5~8.6 fold, now down to 7.5~7.6%, the rate of gross profit from the 2008 Olympic period of around 45% to about 30%, but in the sports brand did not injured in the sinews or bones." industry insiders Ma Gang said: "excessive inventory of Adidas's impact is very far-reaching.". The main market of Adidas in China is located in the first-tier cities, first-tier cities Hsintien cost is very high, the number of stores could not expand to two or three line city price it not with domestic brands 200 yuan of competitive products, thus to increase the sales of Adidas can only rely on the same store growth. However, due to too much inventory, the original can be updated once a week, and now only 2 weeks to update, the frequency of goods updates decreased, resulting in sales of the same store growth is limited." Adidas's financial report showed that in the first half of this year, Adidas stock value of 2 billion 41 million euros, an increase of 13%, after deducting exchange rate factors, an increase of 8%. Ma Gang said, most of the domestic sports brand market in the two or three - tier cities, sales growth is not dependent on the same store growth, but by the number of stores