Alcohol and its III Effects

Alcohol is a virtual poison for the simple fact that it causes wide range of diseases in man. Also it may even cause problem to heart. Yes, it is very harmful to heart as it is for the body itself. So it becomes really necessary that people stay away from them. Let us take a look

Alcohol and its ill effects to the heart: Alcohol similar to cigarettes is another enemy that many people do not notice that easily.

Actually alcohol is a slow killer and many doctors say that it only affects the liver. However excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to other problems as well connected with heart. Also the extent of suffering varies from one person to another. For some people even a small amount of consumption can cause a wide range of problems of heart. But there is a interesting fact about drinking alcohol as well, because a few doctors believe that moderate consumption of alcohol can even prove to be beneficial for the heart, protecting us against almost all heart disorders. However this same alcohol when over consumed can lead to deep trouble and often death as well.

Normally the death rates due to Heart Disorders occurring due to Alcohol consumption is very small and not similar to those smoking. But it is also believed that consumption over a long period of time can still pose severe problems to the patient and he has to take care that he does not develop heart diseases. So Alcohol and Heart Disease follow one after the other and simple ways of staying away from it only helps.

If we take a look on the ill effects of drinking alcohol, we have few very dangerous results similar to any other cause for Heart Disorders.

These include increasing the blood pressure of the heart to a great extent making the heart work harder than it normally does. Also it increases the blood sugar level to an extent that it makes the blood flow to the heart very tough inviting few other problems as well. Also the drinking becomes very dangerous in cardiac patients who have a history of Cardiomyopathy. Also other diseases like Arrhythmia and Congestive Heart Diseases may be invited by further drinking of alcohol by the patient. Also other disorders like Stroke and other serious disorders like Cardiac Arrest becomes more common with the further. So it is wise to think twice before going for a bottle of wine.

Stay away from it: As many say “Prevention is better than Cure”, it is very important that we all understand it and go by that path rather than treading on the path of disaster. Heart Disorders can be keep under check always with some good practices like leaving Alcohol drinking habits. They are simple and it is in our hands to protect ourselves or walk on the path of disaster.

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