Are Your Cosmetic And Skin Care Products Toxic?

Being beautiful is one thing that women really spend money on. They buy different kinds of beauty products even if it will cost them a huge amount of money, and, they don’t even spend time to research how these cosmetic products are made.

Is it safe for them to apply these products to their body?

Companies who sell natural skin care and toxic-free cosmetic products often use this as a gimmick. In their advertisements, they say that what they sell are toxic-free beauty products. But in fact, many are not. And, the consumers, on the other side, do not bother to learn if what they are using is safe for them and for their children. Yes, not only adults become victims of these beauty and personal care products but also children. There are personal care products such as baby shampoos that contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Several of these are dioxane and formaldehyde. Both of them are known to be animal carcinogens and probable human carcinogens. Formaldehyde can also cause skin rashes to sensitive children. Lipsticks are also an example of a beauty product that are widely-used by humans.

But, did you know that 61 percent of lipsticks around the world contain lead?

Lead is a proven neurotoxin that can cause learning, language, and behavioral problems. Exposure to this chemical to pregnant women and children can interfere with normal development. And since there is no safe level of lead exposure, science believes it to be disturbing that companies continue to sell lipsticks. Nail products can also be dangerous to one’s health. The bad smell coming from nail products are caused by chemicals which are suspected to cause cancer, reproductive harm, asthma, and other negative health effects. These health hazards are caused by the so-called «toxic trio», which are dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene.

Consumers who are most affected by these are the workers and customers of nail salons.

Some of these salons are not even well-ventilated and that makes the chances of them being sick higher. But according to recent updates, there are nail product manufacturers that have reformulated their products in order to remove the toxic trio ingredients. Although those chemicals add to the beautiful effects of the nail care products, they can also cause harm to humans if safety precautions are not considered. That is why people have to make sure that toxic free cosmetics and skin care products are really toxic free before they purchase. You have to read the labels and understand what each ingredient really is.

Unlike in the food industry, it is hard to tell whether beauty products are truly pure, organic and non-toxic. Companies describe their products wrongly just to sell. Their marketing strategy includes telling the consumers that their goods are toxic free products when in reality they are not. So it is up to consumers to be responsible enough to discover if they are always safe using products that they purchase. This is not only a matter of how much they spend buying these beauty products but also how much they are going to spend if they become victims of these toxic cosmetics. It is never bad to spend money for us to look good. But we just have to make sure that we are doing it in a safe way.

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