Atherosclerotic Heart Disease | Guide to Heart Disease

It is another form of a coronary artery disease which has the capability of claiming lives. In this period of rising health concerns, this one too contributes a lot. Again this involves intense suffering and death of the patients worldwide. Let us take a close look on this disease in detail

About it: The Atherosclerotic Heart Disease is one of those cruel heart disorders that nobody will want. Also it being a coronary artery disease spells trouble as normally these diseases make the person suffer a lot and then finally death occurs due to this disease. This disease is also called as Coronary Arteriosclerosis. As seen in any other coronary artery disease, here also the disease occurs due to the narrowing of the blood vessels of the heart, leading to severe manifestations including heart attack. These blood vessels are very crucial for the fact that they are the ones which supply blood to the heart muscle. The heart muscle is one of the most important mechanisms for the functioning of the heart as blood from the vessels brings the necessary nutrients to the heart muscle that they help in the functioning of the heart muscle. When the circulation of flow of blood stops to enter the heart, then the patient may suffer from a cardiac arrest and there is a great chance of his death as well. This disease has become the cause of suffering for many in this world and the number is just increasing day by day.

Symptoms: The symptoms are almost the same for any other cardiac problem.

It includes chest pain, pain in the shoulder and arms which spreads rapidly and other common symptoms as well. Normally these symptoms are effective and will give the person a feeling of imminent death coming his way. Also these symptoms vary from men to women and men are the most suffering from the symptoms as they are severe in men when compared to women. Also shortness of breath may occur which may lead to the collapse of the patient’s conscience. So to arrest the symptoms, the only way to approach is to knock the doors of treatment. So consulting the doctor immediately after the symptoms is a must.

Treatment: Approaching the doctor after the symptoms becomes very important for the patient to get the treatment process underway.

During the treatment process, it is highly important that the patients realize that smoking has to be avoided in order to make the medicines effective. If needed, the doctor can go for an Angioplasty in order to rectify the problem in the damaged blood vessel and for complete cure from the disease. Also some life style changes are necessary from the patient in order to live happily without diseases like these.

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