Baby Heart Murmur – Guide to Heart Disease

Well Heart Murmurs have become an irritating syndrome in all adults and also some children. But we might have never heard of heart murmurs in Children. But are they also affected with some heart disorder? Is there any possibility of suffering too early in life? The questions will be answered. Take a look

Is it true? Yes, it is true that there are heart murmurs found in small children and in babies. Also Baby Heart Murmur is significant and can be heard nicely using a stethoscope. Normally doctors go for a medical check up of the infant, immediately after its birth. If we study the reason behind this abnormal heart disorder named heart murmurs, we learn that these are not caused due to any disease in the babies, but simply due to the fastness with which the heart beats, causing these heart murmurs, which looks abnormal to all.

Normally they are the characteristic of the babies and are considered safe for the health of the babies.

Also there are some other factors as well which may control the heart murmurs in a baby. These include sudden fever and excitement to the babies.

One must realize that the babies’ hearts are very weak and hence when they are subjected to even little excitement, their heart beat rises to the peak and hence the heart murmurs originate. If we look at some other factors contributing to the disease other than the natural reason, we find that the abnormal development of the congenital tissues of the heart is also another possible reason. Normally such probability can never be ruled out and the babies can suffer from these diseases right from birth. So it becomes very difficult for the doctor to clearly diagnose the problems in the babies’ heart. Also heart infection and heart failure are common in babies and if left untreated, can even lead to the death of the child.

Treatment: Well as we have seen, since the diagnosis of these heart murmurs normally go wrong, it is very difficult to give the treatment at early stages. As Heart Murmurs are common in children, not many doctors go for the diagnosis immediately. But since, the emphasis has been made on the health of the child in the recent years. So many tests are carried out in children to ensure that they have no problem after birth. Normally the tests may be very premature, but they do play a big role in the development of the child as a healthy one. So the child’s health is given first priority to fight against the common heart disorders. So children are now better protected against all disorders of the heart. Parents now have a renewed confidence in the doctors, thanks to these medical facilities that Baby Heart Murmurs can be treated.

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