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We all love those very tasty, heart attracting forms of chocolate in our life. Mostly as a child we have grown up eating chocolates and we loved doing it too. Now there is no need to worry about taking chocolates after growing old as they are the ones protecting our heart. Take a look

Chocolates- Good for the Heart!!

If you are thinking about having a chocolate candy, then do not hesitate to go for it, whatever be your age. Recent studies show that chocolates can indeed keep the heart in a healthy shape. Well those days when mother used to say, “Do not go for chocolates!” will soon become “have it regularly!” The medicinal effects of the chocolate towards the heart have been seen very well today. Also each ingredient in a chocolate has its own properties all aimed at protecting and caring about the heart. So now we have a medicine which can be taken very regularly.

So if you are Chocoholic, then you have every reason to celebrate as dark chocolates are the ones which are linked with many benefits from the health point of you.

As we have seen the ingredients in a dark chocolate are vital for the heart to maintain its health. But over consumption of chocolates can prove to be fatal especially for a diabetic as sugar level in the blood goes up posing severe problems for the patient with heart disorders.

How do they help? Mostly only dark chocolates have this unique feature and they only contain the necessary ingredients as well. Normally in all these chocolates, there is a substance called as falconoid which is an antioxidant found in these chocolates. The medicinal property of falconoid lies in the fact that it reduces cell damage and prevents inflammation which helps in maintaining the smooth blood flow in the body. Besides it also reduces the thickness of the blood platelets and helps to prevent clotting as well thus reducing the chances of a coronary artery disease. However only a small dose of the chocolate, say 25 g is only required for carrying out these actions.

Chocolate and Heart Disease are bitter enemies.

Many medical experts assert the fact that the consumption of chocolate each day can reduce the chances of a heart attack and Cocoa found in chocolates also helps prevent blood clotting and many say it has effects similar to aspirin. Also it seen that people having high blood pressure have reduced their Blood Pressure following this chocolate consumption. In addition it also helps reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Though this has been now proved that the heart disorders can be cured by eating chocolates, it is still advised that large consumption of them should be avoided as they may cause further problems.
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